the ghosts of Haunted St


Timid and accident-prone Scaredy ghost is always afraid. Especially around halloween, when trick or treaters knock on the door or ads for horror movies appear on youtube! She feels unfit for the haunted house life unlike her more boo-isterous siblings.

- y

"I d-d-didn't mean to s-s-scare you.."

Toasty Ghosty is a friendly ghost.. they don't want to hurt or scare anyone. They've long forgotten who they were when they were alive, but they do know they enjoyed homely and cozy things.. which they still enjoy even now. Their idea of a perfect place to haunt is a cozy little cottage in the woods that seldom sees visitors. They'd love to welcome wary travelers by brewing them warm tea and entertaining them with ghostly parlor tricks.

- dollfie

"let's party!!! :0)"

giggles just wants to clown around n have a jolly time. loves telling bad puns, celebrating birthdays, jamming to disco, n baking extra jumbo treats to hand out on halloween.

- ykwa

"Whoops! Knocked over the shelves again!"

Whoopsie Ghostie is way too clumsy, a total daydreamer and never gets things done on time!
They always cause chaos and trouble for others even though they are sweet and try to do their best to help.
Though you may find them staring at a wall in a corner often times practically invisible as well...

- puuur

"Give me treats or..."

Give Me Treats Ghostie

- palixi

Boobelle the cat ghost! (Previously Bluebell)
Shouldn't all cats go to heaven?? Guess she has unfinished business.

- darknae

sweety ghost's favorite part of the house is the kitchen where she spends time cooking for her ghost family. you can take a snack from the candy and cookie jars but be sure not to touch her pots and pans, otherwise she won't be so sweet anymore!

- merie

Foodaholic Ghostie wants to tell you...
"What's life without food?... Misery."
also, you'll never see his eyes. hes too swag for that.

- cb

former stray cat, somehow used up all 9 lives
now the family pet of the haunted house

- w